Diabetes was one of those words I had always distractedly heard before meeting my wife.

I learned to know and understand what it means to deal with this disease on his skin, which is much more difficult to accept and deal with than mine.

However, I also received a great lesson: perhaps not all challenges will be overcome but with intelligence and commitment it is possible to manage diabetes well and take care of yourself.

Not long after, the idea of ​​a research project for a simpler and more effective management called Fluent was born.

I have always been involved in research and development in a very different domain such as Formula 1, Formula 2, etc.

The point is that in this particular domain I was able to touch the highest forms of technology first hand and take part in a research that does not disperse but is totally focused on the goal in terms of timing and methods.

Most of all, I was able to breathe the spirit of innovation of the people that inspires any aspect of their work because the development of new solutions that produce an advantage is based on this.

I think I can say that this is the stuff of which the Fluent project is also made.

Today a first little big milestone has been achieved by making sophisticated and innovative technology accessible to all through Diabetes Fluent, the Fluent app.

Giuseppe Callea

Creator of the project


We hope that the large-scale deployment of Diabetes Fluent will allow the project to progress even faster than it has already.

At the moment the application is distributed on Google Play for android devices (smartphone or tablet) but you can pre-order the version for iphone on the App Store.

Our App does not contain advertising and the research activity is supported exclusively by the subscription for its use.

The supportive technology available in Diabetes Fluent is the first result of the project. On the horizon we see the development activity for the artificial pancreas, the use of big data to provide even more effective support to the individual or to extrapolate new knowledge for the organic treatment of diabetes.

Surprised by the liquidity with which the information and ideas of everyone, those who have tested the App, doctors or researchers have been shared, we are confident that this family of people actively involved in research can continue to grow and grow.